We’re Almost There (Newsletter)

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Stir fry veggie pack: bok choi, mizuna, tatsoi, green garlic, purple orach and chives

It feels like we had a bit of a soft open last week with our emergency stir fry packages. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was really short notice. However, getting those veggies to you was a thrill.

Drought and Weird Weather

Part of the reason we had such an “emergency” with the greens was the crazy up and down temperatures we’ve had over the last few weeks. 

Cool weather transitioning to hot weather triggers some plants to make flowers, or bolt. Heat combined with a lack of rain can exacerbate this. 

Although it was a nice misty morning, we are still suffering from a lack of rain here on the farm. The last two good rainy fronts that went through the area dropped very little water on us. The rain barrels have been empty for over a month. I’m using our precious well water to keep the plants alive.

Unfortunately, our rollercoaster temperatures and dryness put a premature end to some traditional spring crops. Sadly, most of the spinach has bolted along with the second planting of bok choi. So far the arugula is holding. I’m doing my best to keep it watered and cooler over the next few days.

At least we didn’t get that killing frost that our friends further south experienced. This season has already provided a number of challenges. Hopefully we get more rain soon and our temperature extremes settle down. Fingers crossed.