We Really Need Rain (Newsletter)

sunset clouds over bird's nest garden farm
Please rain!


We are looking to the skies tonight.

We really need the rain that’s in the forecast to materialize and rehydrate our landscape. I said to Peter the other day how our field looks similar to ones we saw in New Mexico in 2019. In the desert.

The soil is hard and dry, cracking into plates in areas that have no vegetation. The grass and clover are dried to a crisp. 

The veg garden is an oasis in the midst of all the dryness. The watering I do draws the birds, frogs and insects to the area, for better or worse. Our veggies are the only game in town for some insects, and they are munching hard. 

Many of the vegetable plants are not growing. They are not dying, but they are not thriving. The peas are half the size they were this time last year. The onions and cabbage are not visibly growing.

There are still some good things coming this week. But we really need that rain. 

white russian kale grows under cover at polka dot hen produce
The stand of white Russian kale is protected from insects with netting.
We have heavily mulched the paths around the bed to conserve moisture.