Using the Long Days (Newsletter)

freshly harvested garlic at polka dot hen produce
The garlic harvest begins! Here the largest and best heads of Stella wait to have their roots trimmed. Stella is a softneck garlic variety (no scapes) that has a milder flavour at harvest that deepens in storage. 

Sorry this newsletter is a bit late. Yesterday kind of got away from me. I thought a good night’s sleep was better for the veggie scheme this week than a slap dash, late night newsletter.

So why did Sunday slip away? Well for starters, I tried my hand at a new skill. And boy, do I need to practice. That gal on Youtube made it look easy. Continue reading “Using the Long Days (Newsletter)”

Patience is a Virtue, Right? (Newsletter)

green beans growing for polka dot hen produce shares
Little green beans are forming in the bean patch. So many veggies are on the verge of taking off. It is hard to be patient.

What was I just saying last week about taking time to appreciate the days? This week I feel like I can’t wait any longer. It’s time for certain veggies to just get on with it already! 

When I peek in the hoop house, there are cherry tomatoes just starting to turn scattered here and there among the greenery. The green beans are starting to fill in and the collards are slowly putting on some size. Little tiny eggplants are starting to form.

Deep breath. Everything in its time. Continue reading “Patience is a Virtue, Right? (Newsletter)”

Decision Time (Newsletter)

rows of garlic growing at bird's nest garden farm
Checking on the garlic scapes this morning. That rain came at just the right time.

Wow, that was a great rain.

It came at just the right time to keep everything alive. I have to admit, it was touch and go there for the garden last week. We over-taxed our well on Thursday and ran out of water for a bit. That was really not super fun. 

Now we’ve had a rain rescue and the veggies are looking much happier. It’s like they have a new vitality and vigour. It’s so encouraging to see. Continue reading “Decision Time (Newsletter)”