February Follies (Newsletter)

German shepherd pup with toy in the snow

Hey! It’s been a little while since we’ve touched base.

As you can see by the picture above, we have a new addition to the family who is keeping us hopping. It is good for me to (begrudgingly) get outside with the new pup many times a day. But it also is hard to get peaceful chunks of time to think. 

So, how are you doing now that winter is so heavy upon us?

I don’t know about you, but to me, this February feels endless. I’m so happy for the sun we’ve gotten the last few days. But wow, there is a lot of snow on the ground!

Exciting Times

This is a terribly boring photo, but it does represent the main veggie related work I’m doing currently.

I’m taking a spreadsheet based crop planning course with Dan Bresbois of Tournesol Farm. Dan is my garlic guru and I took a course with him last year: Growing Big Garlic. I’ve referred to Dan’s book on crop planning for many years now. However, this course includes premade spreadsheets.

He’s done all the clever bits so I only have to add in my crop varieties, dates to maturity, land base, market dates, transplant dates, seeding dates, seeds on hand… Well, there is still a lot of work on my part. But it’s all coming together nicely and I’m getting excited about the coming season.

I’ll get my ducks in a row in the next weeks and be in touch with a more details about veggie boxes in 2021.

In The Pantry

The pantry is getting a bit bare except for that big garlic and few onions…and a whole lot of butternut squash. I wrote out the squash saga here on the blog (including a few butternut recipes that have made the cut) if you are interested.  

Winter Just Keeps on Wintering

dogs in snowy field

All walks require snowshoes these days. Here the dogs and I explore the nearby Bruce Trail for our afternoon trot.

I hope you are keeping well and can get out into that sunshine.