Please accept my apologies for any bombardment of your inbox in the next several days as I get things updated on the website. I THOUGHT I’d found a work around to keep you all from getting notifications with each post, but it may not be working. It’s a bit hard to tell from this end.

cordwood shed at bird's nest garden farm
The cordwood shed sits snug as a bug

Most of the backdated posts are pulled from my newsletters last season. So if you are one of my veggie share people, you may feel some deja vu.

It actually is a bit fun to review last year’s season in this condensed way. Plus I’m loving seeing all that colour when all outside right now is white and assorted neutral tones.

Rest assured, I’m deep into crop planning and inventorying seeds.

In six weeks I’ll get my first little seeds started and the growing lights turned on. By that time the days will be longer and there will be more daylight to run our off-grid system.

So, settle in and review last summer or delete at will. Or wonder of wonders, maybe the workaround worked and you’re thinking I’m off my nut. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you are seeing at your end!

Keep well – Erin



Decision Time (Newsletter)

rows of garlic growing at bird's nest garden farm
Checking on the garlic scapes this morning. That rain came at just the right time.

Wow, that was a great rain.

It came at just the right time to keep everything alive. I have to admit, it was touch and go there for the garden last week. We over-taxed our well on Thursday and ran out of water for a bit. That was really not super fun. 

Now we’ve had a rain rescue and the veggies are looking much happier. It’s like they have a new vitality and vigour. It’s so encouraging to see. Continue reading “Decision Time (Newsletter)”

We’re Almost There (Newsletter)

fresh veggies polka dot hen produce 2021
Stir fry veggie pack: bok choi, mizuna, tatsoi, green garlic, purple orach and chives

It feels like we had a bit of a soft open last week with our emergency stir fry packages. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was really short notice. However, getting those veggies to you was a thrill.

Drought and Weird Weather

Part of the reason we had such an “emergency” with the greens was the crazy up and down temperatures we’ve had over the last few weeks. 

Cool weather transitioning to hot weather triggers some plants to make flowers, or bolt. Heat combined with a lack of rain can exacerbate this. 
Continue reading “We’re Almost There (Newsletter)”

February Follies (Newsletter)

German shepherd pup with toy in the snow

Hey! It’s been a little while since we’ve touched base.

As you can see by the picture above, we have a new addition to the family who is keeping us hopping. It is good for me to (begrudgingly) get outside with the new pup many times a day. But it also is hard to get peaceful chunks of time to think. 

So, how are you doing now that winter is so heavy upon us?

I don’t know about you, but to me, this February feels endless. I’m so happy for the sun we’ve gotten the last few days. But wow, there is a lot of snow on the ground! Continue reading “February Follies (Newsletter)”

It’s Starting to Get Interesting

green field at Bird's Nest Garden Farm
Spring is here! Or is it summer?

Well, it’s a typical July afternoon with temps around 30C (mid-80’sF) and we’re cooling in front of fans inside the house…

But wait.

It’s the end of MAY. And there was snow on the ground May 9th. What’s going on?

May snowfall homestead Bird's Nest Garden Farm
May 9th snowfall. Merry Springmas from our home to yours.

The wild weather rollercoaster hasn’t stopped us from diving into new adventures this month.

What projects could top the dead hedge, you ask?


Piglets Bird's Nest Garden Farm
Yes. We are officially pig farmers now.

Darn, they are cute.

The plan to get pigs was well in the works before all of the changes caused by the pandemic. We figured we needed the pigs to clear some areas and prepare the ground for more plantings and fencing. Plus, bacon. Continue reading “It’s Starting to Get Interesting”