About Us

Cordwood, straw bale, post and beam homestead on a sunny winter day

Our cordwood, straw bale, post and beam homestead on a sunny winter day

Living off-grid in rural Ontario teaches you to pay attention to the world around you. Sometimes there’s a gentle breeze, sometimes snow blowing sideways across the field. We share this landscape with black flies and black bears; both in their season.

Peter Allemang and Erin Gundy

Peter Allemang and Erin Gundy run Polka Dot Hen Produce north of Wiarton, Ontario.

We are both kids from suburbia. Hankering for rural living, we loved coming to the Bruce Peninsula for holidays when we lived in the city. We are truly blessed to live here now and try not to take it for granted. We’ve been living on this site for over ten years, stewarding it for twenty.

Along the way we’ve learned about growing food, eco-building, raising chickens and off-grid living. The list of things we’d like to learn grows and grows as we explore permaculture design, improving our soil and producing nutrient dense vegetables for our neighbours. We are using these learned nuggets to design our homestead and gardens to better work with nature.