About Our Farm

Can gardening and farming be regenerative? Yes! 


Rainbow over homestead Polka Dot Hen Produce Birdnest Garden farm
Sunshine through the rain over the meadow

The Bruce Peninsula is a chunk of rock, rough around the edges encrusting a beautiful “natu-rural” heart within. Bird’s Nest Garden Farm follows that same heartbeat with our green thumb on its pulse.

Our other green appendages: 

  • Veggies, herbs, and ornamentals: (seasonally for sale) grown with attention to soil health and pollinator attraction 

  • Happy heritage chickens in their mobile coop provide eggs and insect control

  • Lambmowers” capture carbon and co-grow topsoil while keeping the grass trimmed (summer 2020 lambs are replaced by two piggies)

  • Four of Ontario’s oldest living roofs cover buildings and create cover for bugs and birds

  • A round, off-grid house made of local materials (straw, wood, clay, etc.) provides a platform for plants and people

  • A wild array of Niagara Escarpment field and forest trails onsite and nearby beckon both lazy and extreme hikers


hoop house and meadow Polka Dot Hen Produce
Following the laneway into our meadow at BirdsNest Garden Farm


If you’re looking to buy a zillion different plants, or just take a selfie and do a 15-minute stopover, this is not the best place for you.

But if you want to dig deeper, and let nature tango with you a little more intriguingly—give us a call; we’ll explore together. 

2020 Farm Tours are finished for the season. See you in 2021!